Giancarlo Carli has been fond of running since his early infancy and his passion never changed, although it soon became clear that he had no athletic talent.

“…Maybe people  do  not  smile  while  jogging,  but  jogging
allows me to take my mind off daily worries, to day-dream, to think, 
to observe an to deserve a  restoring  shower!…” (G. C.)


High School Provincial Games of Athletics, 80m hurdles (77cm)

Liceo Scientifico Galilei 1953,1954,1955,1956, best performance: 3rth , 11.6.sec

Agonistic activity, Mens Sana Siena, 1956-1959

110 m hurdles: best performance 16.7 sec (wind presence), 17.00 sec

100m:12.00sec; 200m: 24.5 sec; 400: 57.3sec, 400hurdles: 61.3 sec


total number of races : 266

1982, Affiliation team: Beccali

2 FIDAL marathons: Parma, 1985(3h 29’30”); Firenze 1987 (3h 14′ 30″);
1 FIDAL halph marathon: Livorno, 1987(1h 29’30”):
Vivicittà Siena (12Km), best performance, 1991 48’18”

1991, Affiation team: Polizia di Stato

Road Provincial Champioship (best scores in7/10 races ),
Annual winner 1998 (winner in 7/7 races).
Provincial Cross country Championship,
Annual winner in 1996 (Rapolano), 1997 (S.Rocco), 1998 (Badesse)
Up-hill running Regional Championship, Abbadia San Salvatore-La Croce (from 900 to 1700 m s.l.), 13.3 Km.
Annual winner 1996 (1h 22′),
1 Hour track ,13.148 Km (1998),
Best performances during training(track)
1000:3’22″(1988); 2000: 7’36″(1987); 3000: 11’38″(1988);
4000: 15’51″(1987); 5000: 20’03″(1987);

Besides running , Giancarlo Carli likes a lot travelling, going to the movies and talking with people.